Indulis Ojārs Ranka

Born on 15 April 1934, in Jaungulbene, Latvia
Died on 13 April 2017, in Riga, Latvia


Study travelsPoland, Slovakia, the Czech Republik, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Norway, Japan.
1953-59Academy of Fine Arts in Riga, Latvia. Specialized in oil painting and academic drawing.
1948-53Janis Rozentals School of Fine Arts in Riga, Latvia.

Creative Work

From 1966Works as sculptor, mainly in granite.
From 1962Member of Latvia Art Union.
From 1952Takes part in exhibitions with paintings and graphics.

Open Air Sculpture Gardens

From 1987Andersson family’s sculpture Garden-Gallery in Stavanger, Norway.
From 1985Sculpture Park “Dainu Kalns” in Turaida Museum Reserve, Latvia.
From 1975Sculpture Garden – Gallery “Ulamula”, next to artist’s studio in Riga, Latvia.

Memorials and Memory Sculptures

2002-Memorial for Latvian freedom fighters in Riga, Latvia.
1999-Memorial for Latvian freedom fighters in Gulbene, Latvia.
1990-Memorial for Latvian freedom fighters in Smiltene, Latvia.
1987-Sculpture diptych “Youth” in Kobe, Japan.
1979-Memorial for the Second World War victims in Sigulda, Latvia.
1974-Sculpture “Greetings to Moldavia” in Chisinau, Moldova.
1972-Memorial for the Second World War victims in Indra, Latvia.


Organised and took part in:

1995-2001Granite sculpture Symposium “5+1” Norway-Latvia in Riga, Latvia.
 2000 -I.R. sadarbībā ar Tuve Mugaas Traavik “Where?”.
1999 -I.R. in collaboration with Kirsti Grotmol “Memory”.
1998 -I.R. in collaboration with Harald Bodogaard “Alveola”.
1997 -I.R. in collaboration with Tuve Mugaas Traavik “Band” and
1997 -I.R. in collaboration with Ulrik Hellum “Troll”.
1996 -I.R. in collaboration withr Knut Steen “Aurora”.
1995 -I.R. in collaboration with Ulrik Hellum “Sun Rays”.
1988-1st International Granite Symposium in Riga, Latvia – “Lāčplēsis.”.
1985-1st Riga’s Granite Symposium in Riga, Latvia – “Es karā aiziedams…”.
1977-1st Granite Symposium in Malpils, Latvia – “Bubble”.

Took part in:

2007-International Granite Symposium in Ventspils, Latvia.
1999-International Concrete Symposium “Park 800” in Riga, Latvia.
1995-International Stone Symposium in Nanao, Japan “Dream”.
1987- and 1994-International Labrador Symposium in Larvik, Norway.

Awards and Honorary Titles

1998-Rainis Prize and Medal from Latvian Academy of Science.
1998-Officer of the Order of the St. Olav, 4th Class, Kingdom of Norway.
1994-Officer of the Three Stars, 4th Class, Latvia.
1992-Honorary Member of Latvian Academy of Science.
1989-Title the Honorary Artist of Latvia.
1986-The USSR Order “Mark of Honor”.
1986-The Best creative work of the year – Prize and Medal from Latvian Artist Union.
1984-Prize from the Latvian Culture Department.
1980-Prize and Medal – The Baltic States sculpture quadrennial exhibition.
1974-Kishinev city comity prize “For active participation in city development”, Moldova.